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Institute of Philosophy – University of Wroclaw, The Gaston Bachelard Association "Mythopoeia", Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Philosophy of Culture, University of Wrocław, The Gaston Bachelard Association Mythopoeia,

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would like to invite you to:


The International Jungian Conference:

"Limits, Liminality and Primeval Experience in Analytical Psychology and in Other Contemporary Approaches"



1-3 of September 2022

University of Wroclaw / Poland



„An integral component of any nocturnal, numinous experience is the dimming of consciousness, the feeling that one is in the grip of something greater than oneself, the impossibility of exercising criticism, and the paralysis of the will. Under the impact of the experience reason evaporates and another power spontaneously takes control-a most singular feeling which one willy-nilly hoards up as a secret treasure no matter how much one's reason may protest. That, indeed, is the uncomprehended purpose of the experience-to make us feel the overpowering presence of a mystery” (Jung, CW 18, § 787).



In the light of the above, we would like to explore different forms of the unconscious experiences from the borderline between conscious and unconscious world. This liminal reality can be observed in different philosophical, psychological and anthropological categories or dimensions. Experiencing of this “otherness” has been described as a different order of reality, in existential contexts, in the concepts of homo religiosus, crossing conditio humana, a state of limbo, "being in between" etc. It’s been culturally associated with rituals of passage, crossing a boundary of the sacred, with different forms of transition – for example towards becoming a "new man," through confusion, disorientation, disintegration and chaos. In Jungian terms, this path leads towards restitution of an inner order, but also acquiring new insights, integration and psychological development. During the conference we will focus on different forms of those primary experience.



Our efforts will be especially focused on the three dimensions:

1. Borderlines between different worlds, experiences or realities, especially between conscious and unconscious. These liminal forms of experience include but not limited to: penetration of unconscious or “foreign contents", experiencing of “otherness,” uncanniness, psychical diseases, psychic transformation, state abaissement du niveau mental, altered states of mind, the states of mysterium tremendum et fascinans, near death experience, psychedelic experience.

2. From the perspective of a society, we’d like to recognise a society in transition, social primeval experiences in different cultural and social conditions, but also about dynamic relationship between society and individual. We’d like to observe and study different forms of individual and collective transformation or change.

3. One of general goals of the conference will be to develop applicability of Jungian thought to wider range of the contemporary psychological and social phenomena. Our major task will be to outline the contemporary usefulness and applicability of ideas of analytical psychology at the beginning of XXI century while simultaneously making a critical review of this conception.


At the conference we will propose collective, wider reflections on the contemporary dynamics of the individual and collective psyche which will be articulated in the terms of the key Jungian concepts and findings. Our goal will be also to develop applicability of Jungian thought to wider range of the contemporary social phenomena. We want to describe, discuss and analyse not only psychological processes observed in the Western minds and the culture but also processes and experiences from the other cultures and societies Asia, Southern America or Africa.


Thus the proposed conference is directed not only to Jungian scholars, Jungian analysts, psychologists or psychiatrists, but also to the researchers representing other general areas: philosophy, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, political science, medicine etc.



If you are interested in participating in these efforts we would like to invite you to join us by sending a proposal of for a presentation.


All proposals should be submitted either via the EasyChair.org website:)



or by sending to the email address: karol.morawski@uwr.edu.pl or ilona.blocian@uwr.edu.pl. About the registration process you can read in the separate section of this website.


The time for one presentation – maximum 30 minutes (!).


Deadline for submitting the papers - 1.May 2022. The application should also contain a summary (up to 500 words), which can be published in the conference program and a short note about the author. These documents should be sent in txt, pdf or doc format.


Depending on the conditions, the conference will be held stationary (In-person) and online. Please make a decision on this matter and send the info with regard to your choice by the end of May 2022. (to the above addresses).

Kind Regards,

Organising Committee