The Conference Fee


The conference fee includes participation in the conference, conference materials, publication of articles, catering, conference banquet.

* The students and the persons who want to participant at the conference as an audience - this group can participate only in the lectures/presentations. This fee doesn't cover additional events and official dinner etc.



                                                                         Fee before March 15, 2014     /      Fee from March 15, 2014                                        

Conference Fee (West Europe, USA):                              95 Euro                                           120 Euro

Conference Fee (East Europe):                                        75 Euro                                            95 Euro


Students and other members of the audience*                 20 Euro                                            40 Euro


Wire transfer's data:

Uniwersytet Wrocławski
pl. Uniwersytecki 1
50-137 Wrocław


Account number:

Bank Zachodni WBK O/IV Wroclaw;

Wroclaw ul. Kuznicza.

IBAN: PL 56 1090 2398 0000 0001 1108 0646


In the title of the payment please (!!) write down:

Nr 69/W/2014 - JUNG2014