About the conference

Institute of Philosophy & Institute of Psychology - Wroclaw University

The College of Management 'Edukacja', Polish Online Journal of Analytical Psychology - JungPoland.org and

International Association for Analytical Psychology

would like to invite you for the international interdisciplinary conference:


"The Theory of C.G.Jung

- Interdisciplinary research"

Wroclaw, Poland, June 12-14, 2014

Place: Wroclaw University


In various fields of contemporary scientific research ongoing discussions regarding the validity and value of C. G. Jung's theory of the human psyche and its relationship to the world is slowly gaining momentum. At the same time this theory is among the most quoted and commented on among contemporary psychological theories. Jungian concepts and assumptions are used today in many areas where the scientists seek to build bridges between psychology and other areas of science.

A paradox, however, remains that despite such clear resonance with disciplines engaged in reflection on the consciousness and the environment, this approach seems not to be employed by contemporary academic psychology nor is it a part of related research programs. Jungian theory is treated rather as solely of historical interest and not as the theory worthy of further development.

To fill this explicit gap we wish to propose collective, wider reflections which will articulate the key Jungian concepts and findings that seem to have stood the test of time and have been proven valuable from the point of view of scientific discourse. Thus the proposed conference is directed not only to Jungian scholars, Jungian analysts, psychologists or psychiatrists, but also to the researchers representing other general areas: philosophy, physics, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, political science, biology, medicine etc. A major task will be to outline the contemporary usefulness and applicability of Jung's ideas at the beginning of XXI century while simultaneously making a critical review of this theory.

We invite you to join us together with those who use Jung's concepts in their practice and various forms of research. The well-known application of these concepts in psychotherapy, philosophical anthropology, the study of symbolic life, and in conjunction with theoretical physics, have been frequently discussed, however, we also realize that there is entire range of other disciplines that could be integrated into an interdisciplinary approach including analytical psychology.

If you are interested in participating in these efforts we would like to invite you to join us by sending a proposal of for a presentation.

All proposals should be submited via the online website EasyChair.org. About the registration process you can read in the separate section of this website.